passion for painting

Still at work on the second painting of the year. I do really like the larger (16″ x 16″) size. I’ve got plans on getting some 36″ x 36″ panels later this year!

The last one (Buzz) was about my father. I had thought that I would do this one about my mother in an attempt to address their deaths at the beginning of the year. His last month and hers more than a decade ago. But then this went in a different direction and I found myself inspired by a Joe Feddersen print that I really like (see below).

Although I wasn’t trying to copy it, this print has sort of stuck in my mind and I was thinking about it as I worked. And now, at the stage I’m at with my painting I’ve come back to realizing that I was painting about my mother after all. She’s in there, along with many other things. I’m able to see why this print unconsciously reminded me of her too.

I’m happy with how these two paintings have/are progressed. They, along with Robohontas, have really helped me to deal with things happening in my life and given me more of a sense of purpose. It might be work, but I have no problem working hard when it is something I feel passionately about.


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