Setting up shop

Yesterday I was (finally!) getting my color printer set up. It’s been sitting in my office for months now. What finally got me motivated? Well, I was putting together some submissions for the 6x6x2011 show/event this summer at the Rochester Contemporary Arts Center. As the works are donated and then sold for $20 each, I didn’t want to spend a ton of time creating something, but I still wanted what I sent in to be cool! I figured this would be a good way to test out printing some Robohontas and other images, which it did turn out to be.

And so today, now that I’ve got some of my parameters set up for these prints, I’m setting up a shop on Etsy where I can offer some of these prints for sale. Will they sell? I don’t know. But it is still fun to create and market things online!

I did make sure that the printer I invested in was capable of creating archival quality images with archival quality inks. And of course, I am only using archival quality paper. (How many times can I say “archival?”) Good times.


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