Here’s a picture of a ladybug I encountered on my walk home from work a week or two ago. It was kind of a surprise seeing a bright red spot against the asphalt. And there she was!

I’m on day 7 out of 10 days in a row working and keep forgetting exactly which day it is.  There also may be a slight change in my work situation soon. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow. Either way, I’m content.

Also, I started a new painting this morning. It’s about time! Just have the base color so far and am letting that dry, but this is going to be a set of two complementary paintings. I was realizing that a friend was kind enough to give me some oil paints she hadn’t been using and I’ve managed to collect a whole bunch of acrylic paints in the meantime. I haven’t touched the oils! I’ll have to get to them. Maybe if I can get that studio space? I think, partly, I’m worried about oils since they aren’t as easy to clean up.


Native Triangle designs via Behance

I just ran across this Native American Heritage Month poster by Linh Dao on Behance. It is full of triangles! Kind of reminds me of some of my prints in a way. I like, very much.

Also, there was this book jacket design for Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It is by Ryan Simpson. Cool stuff!

This would be a cool studio!

I saw this vacant storefront on Westlake Ave. downtown a couple weeks ago. Called and just got a callback recently, although I don’t have any info on it yet. It is a teeny-tiny space and has a rather triangular footprint! Plus, there are stairs up to a loft as well. This would be such a cool studio/gallery space!!!

Don’t know how affordable it is, or how likely that I could lease it, but it is nice to dream at least.

UPDATE: I called back and left a message. Bryn is supportive, and if the price is right, I think I would try to make this happen.


Apparently, I’m the master of many small posts tonight. I just submitted my application for smARTpower tonight and am happy that I got it in five days before the deadline. Woohoo! No procrastination! I’m excited about this opportunity and chose Ecuador, Venezuela, and Nepal as my top three countries to visit if I’m selected. More info about the program is below. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

smARTpowersm will send fifteen U.S. artists abroad to work with local artists and young people around the world to create community-based art projects. Travel opportunities of up to 45 days will be awarded to selected artists to design and develop programs in cooperation with local arts organizations in host countries including China, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kosovo, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Venezuela. smARTpower will support the development and implementation of community-based art projects that engage youth and other local residents, including artists. The projects are strongly encouraged to create a tangible legacy of the work accomplished through smARTpower in a variety of visual arts media, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, drawing, video, installation, photo-based work, public art, and interdisciplinary projects. Participatory work is strongly recommended and encouraged. Artists will address a full range of relevant subjects including, but not limited to, women’s empowerment, the environment, health, education, and civic engagement.

Eagles everywhere

I was driving home from a doctor appointment today and saw an ad on the side of a bus for Jack in the Box’s new All American meal and noticed there was an eagle in it. (I notice eagles, hawks, falcons, and other raptors all the time now it seems.) Got home and looked it up and found the TV commercial from which the above image comes from. I know this is not by far the first time that an eagle has been used for marketing purposes, but the juxtaposition of Jack with an eagle on his arm just strikes me as weird. Really weird.

No Stanford… yet…

Today was insanely busy! Not only had I finally flown back from Ohio and gotten home at 1 AM, but I also had a very full and busy day at work while fighting off this developing cold. (Everyone at work is sick.) I had applied for a position in a different department and ended up having an 8 AM interview followed by work, with the end of my day a meeting and my review. All went well and then I found out that I hadn’t gotten the position as they offered it to someone within their department, but they would have an opening soon that they encouraged me to consider for the future.

Then, I got home and saw an envelope from the Department of Art & Art History at Stanford. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected for admission this year, although I’m not at all disheartened based on the amount of applicants and openings they have. I’ll try again next year, and in some ways, it makes it easier to focus on things for the rest of this year!

But for now, I need to rest up and not get any sicker. Especially since I am now working the next ten days in a row and also have an extra project to work on that will probably mean some overtime. I need to find time to paint!