Ohio bound

I’m so glad Valentine’s Day is over. My day job is working at a spa and it was pretty busy. Hopefully it will be a little calmer until the Mother’s Day rush!

The image above was from a print I made and the shape somewhat reminded me of a fox. I just found it again in my computer and I don’t remember quite how I got it to look like that, but I think it involved adjusting the colors in Photoshop and then taking another photo and using an Instagram filter. It’s nothing big.

From my last post, I just found out this morning that the piece was accepted into the show, so that will be happening in March! It was nice news to get since I’m heading to work this morning and then leaving early to fly out and spend four days with a friend who just moved to Ohio. I’ve never been out there before and am looking forward to it! And, of course, Robohontas and Fox are coming along with me too…


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