No Stanford… yet…

Today was insanely busy! Not only had I finally flown back from Ohio and gotten home at 1 AM, but I also had a very full and busy day at work while fighting off this developing cold. (Everyone at work is sick.) I had applied for a position in a different department and ended up having an 8 AM interview followed by work, with the end of my day a meeting and my review. All went well and then I found out that I hadn’t gotten the position as they offered it to someone within their department, but they would have an opening soon that they encouraged me to consider for the future.

Then, I got home and saw an envelope from the Department of Art & Art History at Stanford. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected for admission this year, although I’m not at all disheartened based on the amount of applicants and openings they have. I’ll try again next year, and in some ways, it makes it easier to focus on things for the rest of this year!

But for now, I need to rest up and not get any sicker. Especially since I am now working the next ten days in a row and also have an extra project to work on that will probably mean some overtime. I need to find time to paint!

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