Here’s a picture of a ladybug I encountered on my walk home from work a week or two ago. It was kind of a surprise seeing a bright red spot against the asphalt. And there she was!

I’m on day 7 out of 10 days in a row working and keep forgetting exactly which day it is.  There also may be a slight change in my work situation soon. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow. Either way, I’m content.

Also, I started a new painting this morning. It’s about time! Just have the base color so far and am letting that dry, but this is going to be a set of two complementary paintings. I was realizing that a friend was kind enough to give me some oil paints she hadn’t been using and I’ve managed to collect a whole bunch of acrylic paints in the meantime. I haven’t touched the oils! I’ll have to get to them. Maybe if I can get that studio space? I think, partly, I’m worried about oils since they aren’t as easy to clean up.


6 thoughts on “Monday.

    • I’m still looking into finding a studio space with a utility sink!. That would definitely make them easier to crack open. I make enough of a mess with the acrylics as it is…

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