Las Vegas (last week)

Triangle art found in Las Vegas! Not sure where this was, I think in the newest shopping complex. Something like Crystal City? There were a bunch of super high-end brand stores and this was outside one of them. Perhaps Gucci? Dior?

These giraffes were at a home store in the Wynn’s mall. Apparently, shopping has become the new alternative to gambling. That’s the only way I can explain to myself the increase in malls and shopping opportunities since I was in Las Vegas over ten years ago. At least I found some giraffes though! (And triangles!)

$1.99 foot-long hot dog. Actually, the bun was maybe a foot long and the hot dog even longer? It was insane. And not especially tasty. But impressive nonetheless.

Ah, but it was so nice to see the Sun! And of course, Vegas is a great place for looking at stuff. The Venetian was really cool. And there were lots of nice clouds.


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