“Characteristics of Anti-Indianism in 2011”

Just found the following list on the website of Julia Goodfox. She wrote it in response to the United States’ recent action of killing Osama bin Laden. Decided to pair it with a thing I made for an Intro to Comics class a few years ago.

“Characteristics of Anti-Indianism in 2011”

  1.  U.S. inhabitants enjoy Indian Treaty rights (treaties signed between Tribal Nations and the U.S.). American Indians are forced to continue to fight for these same rights.
  2. American Indians are mischaracterized as minorities or ethnic groups, instead of accurately as sovereign nations.
  3. Claims to Indian ancestry without politically supporting and intelligently contributing to their (or other) Tribal communities.
  4. Mainstream media misrepresents American Indians (i.e., stereotypes involving casinos) and do little to recruit Tribal journalists and editors.
  5. Textbooks continue to not use the terms “genocide” and “terrorism” and “human rights violations” when discussing U.S. actions again American Indians.
  6.  Mainstream preference of American Indians appears to be of us in the past-tense or as cultureless or landless or colonized/assimilated peoples. Or all of these.
  7. Historical descriptions (i.e., roadside markers, museum placards, etc.) continue to refer to Indians as hostiles, savages, and terrorists—and refer to the theft of our lands with terms that erase or minimize or gloss-over the realities of what actually occurred.
  8. Ongoing political and social actions against American Indian self-determination and sovereignty activities.
  9. U.S. operations against its international enemies are given codenames from actual Tribal and American Indian individuals.

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