Ran across this leaf in the driveway at work the other day. I didn’t get quite the right view of it since I was in a rush to get there, but I did stop long enough to snap this photo. It just reminded me so much of a canoe, the shape and form of the leaf, it’s length and the way it had curled up on the sides, that I had to capture the moment. Since I used Instagram and a filter with it, I also liked how the texture of the asphalt almost begins to look like a large body of water.

Speaking of perspectives, I ran across a group of videos about Two-Spirits on ITVS. I’m sort of torn on this because on the one hand, as a gay man, I do get the pull to look backwards and try to reclaim this sense of a third-gender that once existed in many Native cultures. But I also feel that the contemporary Two-Spirit movement is less about culture and ceremony as it is about a romanticized Pan-Indianism that helps gay Natives makes sense of their lives today. In other words, they appear to me to be two completely different things. Granted, depending on the level of colonization of thought and culture for a particular Tribe/group, there may be variations as to how much memory there is of these practices from the past. I don’t think they should not be brought back in some form or another, but I hesitate to identify as Two-Spirit for the same reason I generally don’t think of myself as Indian (I prefer Karuk-American). They are both very broad categories that do not truly do justice to the complex ideas they are trying to represent.

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