We went to the Zoo on Saturday and while we were searching in vain for the Arctic Foxes, we did at least get to see a Mountain Goat up close. So fluffy! The foxes are also in that exhibit at the moment, although they were nowhere to be seen. Not that I blame them, it was a nice day and a holiday weekend, so there were LOTS of people there. I did get to see giraffes as well, so I consider it a success. Oh, and even though there weren’t any Bald Eagles and instead there was a (huge) Sea Eagle, we did see a Bald Eagle on 520 a few times this weekend. It almost makes up for it.

Another thing at the Zoo was a new gift shop by the recently remodeled West Entrance. I think they took out the old pony ride area (paradise?) and put in a parking lot. There is also now yet another Zoo Store in case they don’t catch you at the one by the Main Entrance. I did find a triangle box! But didn’t actually buy anything. Right now I’m trying to reduce the amount of stuff I own. Slow going.

I know that these penguins don’t come from Antarctica, but the exhibit always makes me think of “Penguins of the Desert.” I was kind of excited because there was a heron (or other type of large bird) who apparently likes to hang out with them.

And here’s the one fox we did see. A bronze statue. But at least it was there! (By the penguins too.)


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