Back on the eastside

Well, I’ve given up my studio in Seattle and moved things back home. Partly due to Bryn and I getting back together and partly due to the cost of maintaining a space so far away. I really liked having it, but with gas prices and the soon-to-be enacted toll on the 520 bridge, it seemed like a better choice to give it up. So, here are my easels now set up in the corner of our office. At least the window here looks out on to trees! Much nicer.

Also, ran across this photo in a copy of The Stranger. I snapped a pic of it since I’d been reading so much lately about the “Hipster Headdress” and then ran into an example on my own. I think this was from a series of photos taken at Sasquatch or some other music festival. I could look into it further, but am too lazy right now.


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