Shedding the past

I’ve had this silhouette portrait of myself for ages. It’s something from when I was in daycare at age 4 or 5. Last weekend when I was clearing out the final stuff from my art studio, this happened to be there and I decided that, as nice of a memento as it is, I don’t want it anymore. I took this picture to remember it and let it go. Then, later that weekend…

…I came upon a bag of mail from my dad. Most of it was from last spring when a LOT of drama went down between us and I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t really have him in my life. Part of me felt like I should save the stuff, but then I thought, “Why?” He was a really bad parent in a lot of ways and left me with a great deal of emotional trauma. I’ve got some other things saved to remember him by. Do I really need all of this stuff, especially that is only going to bring up negative memories? The answer was no. And so I burned everything in that bag without going through it. It was cathartic.

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