Painterly progress

Here’s a view of a piece I started while I was working on the last “Cloud Factory” paintings. Funny how I can be unhappy with something when I’m working on it, and then come back to it a couple of days later and like it.

And here is just another view of the “Cloud Factory” paintings. I have the feeling that these are going to be things I work with for a while. But then again, that might change!

I do, however, have a new project I’m embarking on. I’ve got these four small pieces of glass that I painted with enamel and fired while I was at Pilchuck back in 2008. Bryn also just got me four 8″x8″ panels for my birthday. They are going to be turned into four artworks with the addition of paint and wire. We’ll see how successful they turn out to be. Perhaps these will become “Sun Factory” paintings? I was amused that I made a series of Cloud Factory prints at Crow’s Shadow, which I had intended, and then randomly made a Sun Factory series right after. Perhaps the painting is just following the same format?


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