July is here

July already. My how time flies! I got word the other day that my cloud factory paintings didn’t make it into the 10 x 10 x Tieton show. A little sad, but such is life. I guess there were about 650 entries, so I’m sure they had to be selective and maybe try to develop some sort of theme from the works submitted. At least it motivated me to complete those two pieces!

I’m still at work on my latest project too. You can see the further progress I’ve been making above. It is a series of four small mixed-media paintings that I’m working on at the same time. I thought these would go faster than they have been, but I’m learning to be patient. Things are progressing better than I was expecting when I first started work on them a week or two ago. Again, I am always fascinated by the unexpected ideas that pop up when I’m working and seeing how an idea can evolve over time. There’s still actually a good amount of work yet to go on these, but I’m hoping to have them done by Thursday since I’m showing work at Chief Seattle Club for First Thursday Art Walk.


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