Chief Seattle Club: First Thursday Art Walk

You would think that I might have brought my good camera with me to document this, but you would be wrong. I did, however, have my trusty iPhone, so there are a few pictures at least. This was last Thursday and it was really fun. Bryn went with me and helped me set up (thank you!) in the gathering circle. This is a pretty cool space as you can probably tell from the pictures above. I got to see some old friends, some new friends, and meet some new folks as well. Apparently this was the highest attendance they’ve had yet for one of their art walks, which I think may have also had something to do with the nice July evening and the dummers/singers gathered on the sidewalk too.

You can see them looking out from the gallery space and the main door. They were there for at least two hours or longer and it really added to the fun of the event.

I didn’t bring Robohontas with me as I was worried that she might end up disappearing, but I brought a laptop and had a slideshow of posts and a pile of her postcards in addition to my prints, drawings, and paintings. She did seem to elicit a good deal of response and I’m always interested in what people think of that particular project. It’s been feeling more active lately, although I can’t really say how. I think it was good to go back and look at some of the earlier posts I was doing since I wasn’t relying so heavily on found quotes for text to pair with the images.

Another nice surprise was that I ended up selling two prints (the ones at the far left in the picture above). I was thinking that this would be more of a chance to share my work with the community and wasn’t really expecting that anyone would be purchasing. Glad I was wrong! It was a great event and I felt honored to be the featured artist. The Club serves a purpose and I’m glad that it exists and that I was able to participate.


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