“In Search of the Old Ones” by David Roberts

Ran across this book at Barnes and Noble and thought it looked interesting. Then we went to Half Price Books down the way and I found a used copy for, well, half the price, so I picked it up. Read the first three chapters tonight and while I like parts of it, I’m not too keen on the author’s perspective. He’s definitely done a lot of research into the subject from what I can tell so far, but he does seem to take typically “white” view of sacred sites as being places that need to be studied so that they can be understood. I don’t find this point of view hard to get. I used to have a similar perspective and be very analytical (and I still can be this way). But it is interesting to me how I’ve changed over time and don’t find it necessary to know everything anymore. Some things from the past are a mystery and are just gone. I feel like the closest word I can think of to describe this new attitude is “patience.” Although that may not be quite right either.

Anyhow, the book so far is still really interesting! I’d love to visit some of the places he talks about. Sad to read about all of the artifacts and bones/bodies/mummies that were dug up and shipped around the country and to Europe. Especially considering that the majority of them are just sitting in storage vaults most likely. How are they better off there than they were buried in the earth? Perspective, I guess.


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