You have to see the world to fix it

I had a long post written and then when I posted it, it was gone. Except for the title. I’ll take that as a sign that I don’t need to say everything I had written, except that I’m aware of changes in how I look at the world and the things that I notice. I have to be able to see the world around me in order to fix it. And whatever role it is that I have in that, I’m ready.

Aside from that, Bryn sent me a line from a Tom Robbins book he is currently reading that I thought was pretty great. (And I’m not a Tom Robbins fan at all.) “The purpose of art is to provide what life does not.” Art is such a difficult thing to really define, and I think that’s the best explanation I have run across so far. Finishing those last four pieces was exhausting. Good, but exhausting. I’ve got something else that surfaced in my mind recently and I’m gathering the things to make it. Or at least to embark on it. In my head I’m calling these things “assemblages” for lack of a better term since they are more mixed-media and three-dimensional than my previous work. But I’m also a little surprised at how they seem more powerful in a sense than my other work. There is a dangerous edge to them that doesn’t exist in my prints and drawings, or even in most of my paintings. Still, it does feel important. I’m following where it leads me.



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