Drift Station Gallery – mailto:

I’d almost forgotten about this show that I’d sent something in to. It’s closed already, but it was at Drift Station Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. The photo above is from their site and is an installation view. Below is information about the exhibit:

mailto: [is] an exhibition built around the open portal of an email address. Beginning in early May, works or messages of any kind sent in the body of an email or as an attachment to anything@driftstation.org were printed and hung, up through the end of the opening reception. 652 emails, totaling over 2,500 pages were printed and installed.

mailto: argues for a curatorial practice akin to chaos theory or aleatoric musical composition – that the initiation of a specific but open structure creates unexpected and diverse results.  As the digital files (up until this point infinitely malleable and scalable) reach the printer, they are made manifest as fixed, physical objects; when hung on the gallery wall they each represent a small document in a curatorial process divorced from the geographically-focused perfection of the unique art object.

A rather fascinating way to approach digital work! I did download the (enormous) PDF of submissions and found mine on page 1645. I won’t force anyone to hunt for it though, in case you are interested. I had sent in two black and white pictures of Robohontas that are reproduced below. I kind of like how she looks in black and white…


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