In progress: Robohontas (mixed media)

Well, I did manage to get some work done today that I’ve been meaning to get to. In the same vein as my recent (still unfinished) Pocahontas pieces, I thought it would be cool to do one using Robohontas. This particular photograph of her seems so iconic to me that I thought it would be perfect to use. I also decided to try and do a different way of cutting and reassembling the triangles so that they all come to a point at the center. The above picture gives a sense of my process here.

As with the other ones, I’m cutting a single image up and using it to create two similar, but separate works. Both of the images were printed using archival Canon inks on 100% cotton paper. Gotta try and stay archival, I guess.

Here’s where they’re at now. The edges that you can’t see are black. The light was reflecting off the gold paint, I’m sure these won’t be fun to try and photograph later on. Going to have to step away from them for a bit and decide what the next step is. I’ve got ideas, but not entirely set on the direction. Same with the “Pocahontas” ones I’ve shown earlier. I really like them, and am leaning towards using what I intended for them on these ones intstead. Will post photos upon completion…


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