Jon Gierlich, you will be missed

Words can’t express how devastated I was this morning when I opened my email and saw a message with the following title: “Jon Gierlich has passed away.” He was so influential on my thought processes as a designer and as an artist. I feel lucky to have known him and to have been able to have him as my professor for all but one semester at Cornish. After the end of yet another superbusy day at work, I had to come home and have a good cry.

I’ll miss you Jon.

Article on Slog by Jen Graves: Jon Gierlich Was A Quiet Artist


2 thoughts on “Jon Gierlich, you will be missed

  1. I have known Jon since 1957 at East High School in
    Wichita Kansas. His talents and persona made him
    notable as a artist in a generation that included Tom
    Eaton, Dave Yust, Keith Jacobshagen, Robert Unrau,
    and Larry Noggle. Jon and I talked about every ten
    years about art, architecture, music, life and my sister
    -in-law. We last spoke for about an hour until my cell
    phone went dead. I never enjoyed terminating a phone
    call with Jon. Rest in peace Jon.

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