Mid-October Observations

Poor quality image, but as I was coming walking home from work it was almost dark outside and I was mindlessly going to get the mail. Then I glanced up and realized that there was a really subtle but colorful sunset happening right above the tops of the trees. Kind of a nice moment for the end of the week.


Later that night I went to the grocery store. I was looking for a bottle of wine and had to get this one. It has a goat, it has triangles, it has a zigzag edge on the label. How could I pass it up? Besides, I’d never tried that brand before and I never drink rose. It was a new experience!


Bryn was out last night so I was alone and then I had to get up early and take him to the airport. Since I was going to an event in Seattle I figured I would just get some coffee and read for a couple of hours instead of driving home and then back. After my coffee and some time spent with my book I took a brief walk around Capitol Hill before heading to my car. I’m so glad I did, because I just happened to notice a distinct birdcall coming from overhead on my walk. I looked up and there was a tiny hummingbird sitting on the power line singing. He was too far away to get a good snapshot, but I had to document it. Meant a lot to experience that, especially since I was on my way to Cornish. What with Jon Gierlich’s recent death, it made me think of a drawing class when he took us to the SAM Sculpture Park and we observed a tiny hummingbird at the top of a tree. He also had a story about a student who had seen the same thing in the same place and drawn it in as a speck that he didn’t know what it was until he asked.


This last image didn’t come out well either, but I had wiped up an inkblot that spilled with a paper towel and really liked how it looked on the paper. It was brown ink and the spot is about the size of a dime. Had nice mottling! Cool in a rather abstract way.


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