10.22.38 Astoria at FICTILIS

Robohontas/Pocahontas made it into this show! In fact, the picture above is an image of the installation and there is a photocopy of mine in there close to the center. Fourth row down, five full images from the left. There are over 90 artists participating, it looks pretty exciting!

This November, FICTILIS presents a gallery-wide installation/exhibition
celebrating the art of xerography (photocopying). The FICTILIS space will
transform into a pop-up copy shop that is pre-stocked with a wide selection of
ready-to-copy artworks, by artists from Seattle and beyond, which will blanket
the space’s 17-ft-high walls. Visitors can use on-site copy machines to interact
with the collection in several ways and contribute to its evolution over the
course of the exhibition.

FREE: one copy of anything you bring
(two if you give one to us)
$1 for copy of anything on the walls
for originals on the walls, if you replace it with a copy
$10 for originals
on walls without making a copy

210 S Washington
Seattle, WA 98104


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