Tiffany’s and the Hipster Headdress

I got a holiday catalog from Tiffany and Co. in the mail today, and I was surprised to find a hipster headdress on the first page! Granted, it was being worn by a small child, although it wasn’t necessarily clear if he was wearing it as part of a costume, for an event, or perhaps just as a toddler fashion statement?

I’m really not crazy about the hipster headdress. I can see why people are fascinated by them and want to wear them. But if you know some of the reasons behind the actual objects made by Native people, there is so much more meaning than just looking cool. So I say “boo” to Tiffany’s on this one. But I do think it would be pretty cool if they did some Native-inspired jewelry designs. Even better if they are created by a Native artist?


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