Sifting, sorting, organizing…

It’s always such a difficult task to decide what to keep and what to let go of. This weekend, we’re following up last weeks reorganization of our living room (to make it more like a liveable space) and going through our books. Now, Bryn and I love books. Adore them. However, there are only so many we can physically own. And honestly, we don’t read lately like we used to.

I was sorting through mine and dividing into piles of keep, get rid of, and undecided when I ran across my high school yearbooks. What do to with them? They’re big and heavy and I so rarely ever look at them. But they do represent a part of my life from the past. For the moment, they are in a pile of their own. We’ll see where they end up. Oh, and below is my senior year photo, haha!


Light Explorations: Texture, Reflection, and Color

I was adding a “design” category to my website’s portfolio today to reflect my design education related to Interior Design. It was kind of fun to look back and remember all of those previous projects! One of my favorites was a research project from an early studio class where I looked at Architect Steven Holl’s use of light and materials in his Chapel of St. Ignatius on the Seattle University campus. I believe this was from Fall 2008. The image above is of the final product–a series of study models and watercolor renderings.

Above is a graphite drawing I did of the Chapel the previous semester for a Space Illustration class. Below is a side-by-side view of one of the models along with the matching rendering. I chose to express the renderings in watercolor to reference his original concept drawing which is also shown below.