Sifting, sorting, organizing…

It’s always such a difficult task to decide what to keep and what to let go of. This weekend, we’re following up last weeks reorganization of our living room (to make it more like a liveable space) and going through our books. Now, Bryn and I love books. Adore them. However, there are only so many we can physically own. And honestly, we don’t read lately like we used to.

I was sorting through mine and dividing into piles of keep, get rid of, and undecided when I ran across my high school yearbooks. What do to with them? They’re big and heavy and I so rarely ever look at them. But they do represent a part of my life from the past. For the moment, they are in a pile of their own. We’ll see where they end up. Oh, and below is my senior year photo, haha!


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