Living Like a Grown-Up

Over the past couple of months, Bryn and I have been making our apartment feel more like a home. This has been a nice change! For most of the time while I was in school, we were living in a tiny studio apartment, so it always felt claustrophoblic. After graduation, we moved into a two bedroom apartment, but didn’t really have much decent furniture. There was also a huge shelving unit that we used in the living room for storage and media that made the place feel like a cave.

Now, however, we have gotten rid of the giant shelf! We have moved a bookcase that separated the living/dining areas against a wall to open up the room. We have a new couch that replaced a ratty futon. People would hear that I had gone to school for interior design and say, “Oh, you must have a really beautiful home!” I would laugh and tell them that definitely wasn’t the case.

It has been a long time since I’ve had a living room that actually felt like a living room. It’s great to live like a grown-up again.


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