George Nelson at Bellevue Arts Museum

Last Saturday I went and saw the George Nelson exhibit at Bellevue Arts Museum the day before it closed. Organized by the Vitra Arts Museum in Germany (who apparently also own many of the items shown), this exhibit presented a wide variety of objects. Finished furniture pieces, a wall of clocks, modular office systems, graphic design materials, original sketches. There was a lot of great stuff and I’m glad I saw it while it was still here! Nice that it was also in Bellevue so close to home.

One other thing to mention, I had been introduced to someone via e-mail last fall who is new to Seattle and was transferring up to Cornish’s Interior Design program. As she is also a member of a California Tribe, the Design Department Chair suggested she get in touch with me. We’ve exchanged e-mails, and kept making plans to go see this exhibit that we pushed out. Luckily, we did finally meet up and it was nice to talk design with someone again! Also, I was glad to hear that a Seattle firm I told her about to look into is now likely going to be working on a project for her Tribe.


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