Under the gold…

Although I haven’t started any new paintings lately, I’ve started working on my Robohontas project again, including introducing a new character, Kocoumaton (Kocoum + automaton). I think this will give her a little more to react to visually and make her seem less isolated. In any case, I realized that the gold leaf on her face was severely cracking and that instead of a touch-up, an overhaul was required. So, I stripped and reapplied the gold on her face. Above is a picture that I thought was kind of fun since her body is still gold, but her face is back to “Pocahontas.”

I have another character that I’m planning on bringing in too. Well, it is Robohontas still, but in a different persona. I keep thinking about Abalone Woman from some books I read some time ago. Karuk Artist Julian Lang talked about her and how she influenced a piece he was working on. Don’t be surprised if you see Robohontas as Abalone Woman make an appearance in the near future!


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