Snoqualmie Falls in the Mist

Living in the city, it was often easy to forget about the natural landscape. On a cloudy day, which is common in Seattle, everything takes on a grayish cast and you can’t see the mountain ranges to the east and west, or Mount Ranier to the south. When the sun came out however, it was pretty amazing!

Now, I live in a suburban area, so there are more trees and wildlife, but I don’t get to see the mountains as often, which is somewhat sad as I grew to think of them as friends. Still, there’s nothing like a drive into the mountains to refresh the spirit. Snoqualmie falls is an awesome destination and is only about an hour away. Bryn and I went a few weeks ago for the first time this year. Even on a drizzly day, it was an experience. With the snow melting, the river was full and the falls roared. I ran across a picture I took with my phone yesterday (above) which Bryn laughed at me for trying to take. But I think it captures a sense of the falls on that day. It’s a special place!


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