Rootbound: Heaven and Earth IV – Orientation!

Yesterday I went to the orientation for Rootbound: Heaven and Earth IV. It was good to meet most of the other artists who will participating this year and to view and make a final selection for my site, which helped to direct the scale of my installation. Since the work needs to be higher up in the trees so that people can’t reach it, I’ve decided to go a little smaller than my concept sketch for the dreamcatcher, but to make three of them instead of just one. The site I will be working with is shown above, and I will put the three dreamcatchers in between a row of four trees along the road by the lower meadow.

Originally, I had wanted to find willow branches to form the hoops with, but since the work will be hanging outside for about four months, I’ve gone with using large hula hoops as the base. I think in a different, more permanent setting, I would be interested in using branches to see the work evolve and decompose. But for this, I’d prefer that the shape be maintained for the whole time.

Found the hula hoops yesterday at Fred Meyer and just finished wrapping the last one with wool yarn tonight. I must admit that I’m a little nervous about starting the webbing, but we’ll see how it turns out. As with most things, it is the starting that can be the most difficult part. I do like that I’ll be able to get most of the work done ahead of time. Installation should take place the weekend of June 16th/17th with the opening the following Saturday, June 23rd.


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