Here’s to you, Helen Bedtelyon

Last night was a gathering for my favorite high school teacher, Helen Bedtelyon. She has been teaching Language Arts and Humanities at Lindbergh High School for 38 years and will now enjoy some much deserved rest! It was great to be there and to see how many former students and colleagues from the past decades were there to honor her. This included someone she taught with back in the late 1960s in Michigan, as well as the first principal at Lindbergh High who hired her for the position. About five students also took the podium to talk about the impact she had on their lives. Each one of them told a similar story; this was a woman who had touched their lives for the better.

Bryn was a good sport and came with me last night, which meant a lot to me because I’m sure it was rather boring for him. There aren’t many people I would fight rush hour traffic, sit through an hour long presentation, and wait in line for an hour on a weekday night to congratulate. Helen is definitely one of those people and it was wonderful to say hello and hug her in person again! Of course it has been too long since I’ve seen and talked to her last, probably six or seven years with just a couple of brief emails in the meantime. I got to see some friends from high school who were also there to pay their respects, so it was well worth it.

One other thing, I absolutely love eagles and realized that they were my high school mascot. It didn’t mean a lot to me at the time, but I do find meaning in this now. I’d forgotten about the eagle in a cabinet in the main hallway…


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