Heaven and Earth: Rootbound Update

A little while ago I had written about my work being stolen from Carkeek Park. Well, I ended up making something new and installing it that weekend. The new piece is still a dream catcher, but larger and more colorful. Also, there is just the one instead of three. And this one is teardrop shaped and hung between two trees close to the original location where the three original dream catchers were hung in a tree.

The one thing that sucked is that I had brought my Nikon with me and photographed it right after I installed. Unfortunately, there was an issue with my card and I ended up losing them all when I was attempting to download the images. Luckily, I had also taken some backup shots with my iPhone. They weren’t as high of quality as I was hoping for, but they did save the day in terms of having some documentation!

Now the question is, how long will this piece last in the park? It’s been a week so far and I haven’t heard anything yet…


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