Worked Paper (for Paperwork)

I had forgotten about a call for art I was invited to participate in over the summer. Luckily, while the initial deadline passed, they are still accepting submissions through October 15th. FICTILIS, which was in Seattle and has since moved to Oakland, CA is the organizer of this project, named Paperwork. The basic premise is to take a blank piece of paper and then alter it.

Having a little time on a Sunday afternoon, and having gotten some inspiration from a museum visit the prior day, I gave it a shot. I call the piece “Thirty Sentences.” I started by writing sentences down as they came to me, turning the paper 90 degrees for each new sentence. Then, I distressed the paper by folding it into an airplane, flying it, refolding it in the opposite direction, flying again, unfolding, marking it with a candle-flame, spraying it with oil, placing it on concrete and walking over it, placing it on dirt and walking over it, placing it on stone steps and walking over it, pressing it, cutting it, and stitching some of the cuts with thread.

It was rather fun to do! I also like that my first sentence of, “This is a blank piece of paper,” is still clearly legible. It was a true statement, but as soon as I put it onto the paper it became false.


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