Welcome Changes

Things have been busy lately with lots of new changes. Bryn started a new job in August after ten years with the same company. Then we moved from Bellevue to West Seattle at the end of October, which was a welcome change. The new apartment is on the top floor with vaulted ceilings, laminate floors, and tons of windows so it feels drastically different than our old one (which was kind of like living in a burrow by comparison).

And then I accepted a new offer recently after over two years with the same company for my day job. I’m actually in Minnesota for three weeks of training at the moment. So far, I have to keep pinching myself to remind myself that everything is real. The new position is a Design Associate with Room & Board at their new Seattle store in University Village. The company is extremely thoughtful in their approach to everything. I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced a place that that is so consistent in ensuring that they act in accordance with their guiding principles. Which is refreshing.

It will be so nice to put my design education to use professionally as well. And I’ll actually have a little more time to devote to artwork since I’ll only be working four days a week instead of five.

I look back to where things were a year ago and everything is so different! All of these changes have been welcome and for the better. Haven’t been doing much art-making lately, but I have a couple of shows I’ll be participating in on the horizon. One will definitely feature prints while I’m undecided on whether to go back and use some of my very first monotypes for the other or try to create something new in a shorter span of time…


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