A piece in the Burke Museum collection!

Dip Net I

I realized that I didn’t write about this at all yet, but the 2013 Potlatch Fund Gala was really fun. This year it was held at the Tulalip Resort and was bigger than ever. I had a few pieces in the silent auction and one of them was purchase by someone at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (at the University of Washington). Just found out today that it is going to be added to the museum’s collection which is super exciting! I had two prints that were similar in the auction and I forget which one went where, but it is either the one pictured, or one very similar. (Apologies for the image quality, it wasn’t my photo…)

Have a couple of shows coming up early next year that I’ll be participating in. Should be skyping in for a meeting about one of them this Saturday and then as soon as I get home later this month I need to select and switch out frames on prints for the other show. I’ll likely do monotypes for both of them but I also am looking forward to getting started on some new work soon. The year hasn’t been as productive as I’d have liked as far as making things. Once things settle down in the next month or two I think that will change!


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