Work in Progress – Fix the Earth: NOW



I was meaning to write an “end of the year” post for 2012 which obviously never happened. And then I was instead going to talk about the new year and goals and such in a post after I missed my “end of year” post, which also, clearly never happened.

While I’m about to walk out the door to meet a friend for dinner (Bryn is in Miami this week for work), I figured I at least have enough time to throw up a sneak peek of some new work I’m making for an upcoming show!

View above is of work in progress. Finished work is a series of four framed ink and color pencil drawings. They are for a group show titled “Fix the Earth: NOW” which will be held at Humboldt State University down in California. The artwork needs to be there by January 26th, so I assume it opens fairly soon after that, although I don’t have an exact date at hand. I’m excited to be included though! It is a collection of work by Native artists who belong to northwestern California tribes that perform annual/biannual world renewal ceremonies. (Southwestern Oregon may also be included.)

I believe that Rick Bartow is also going to have work in this show, which is exciting for me because I really love his work and have found it to be quite influential in some respects. Also Brian Tripp who is Karuk and does really awesome geometric paintings which have also informed my own work to a degree. I’ll need to photograph the pieces before I send them, so will post images again either here, or on my website. Preferably both, but we’ll see how it goes.


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