Pressed to the EDGE: Corridor Gallery @ TK Building




These works are not new, but they are newly framed. Which is almost as good, if not better, since they are ready to hang. I made these back in 2010 at Crow’s Shadow on my first visit that spring and included some of them affixed directly to the wall in my BFA show. There are probably about ten (or more?) prints in this style, four of which I have framed and ready for display at an upcoming show at the Corridor Gallery in the Tashiro Kaplan Building titled Pressed to the EDGE.

I was really happy to discover these again and actually get some of them framed because they are so simple but vibrant. Also, they look really good framed. I’m so excited to show them! The four prints being shown are different from the three I used in my BFA show also. Right now they are hanging in the living room at home until I deliver them to the gallery. Part of me hopes they sell because I can’t keep everything I make and it will give me more to invest in supplies/frames for other work. I do love living with them right now though, and if one or all of them don’t happen to sell during the show’s run, I have the feeling that at least one will find a permanent home here again.

One sad printmaking thing: I had a series of prints that I had made in the spring of 2011 at Crow’s Shadow that I now believe have gone missing during our move last fall. I have three of them that were framed, but the rest (there were a lot!) are nowhere to be found. I remember dealing with them during the move and the only thing I can think of is that they may have gotten caught up with packing material and ended up being recycled? Super sad, but they weren’t among my favorite works, so it could have been worse. I’m really itching to do some new prints this spring, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to make it to a workshop at Crow’s Shadow. If that doesn’t work out, I suppose I can look into taking a class or find space locally to make some new prints too. Maybe…


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