“Smoke a peace pipe, and let’s move on!”


I’ve been working on something new since last week. It’s taking more time than I had thought it would, but I’m still excited about it. I started this as a submission for a show about race at the Wing Luke Asian Art Museum. Even though it isn’t finished, I’m going to submit as a work in progress and see what happens. If you can’t tell, the final form of the work is an American flag. The white stripes have text written from comments on blog posts, threads, and emails posted online. All of the text is related to and critical of Native Americans. I’m going to pull out selected phrases and write them larger (in red) on the red stripes, which is also where the title of this post comes from. It is also the working title of the piece.

The image above is of components unassembled. It is looking more together right now, but as I am hand-stitching all of the pieces together, it is still unfinished. Good to be making new work and looking forward to February since I have art in two shows that open this month!



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