Visiting the Salish Sea

Robohontas Water


Haven’t had a chance to post here as I’ve been fairly busy lately, but all is well and I’ve got various irons in the fire. The image above was from a recent group of photos I was taking at the beach at Lincoln Park nearby for a design project. I took Robohontas along and got a few interesting images of her, which was nice. It was also good to visit the park and roam the beach. I specifically was trying to get useful images of the Salish Sea/Puget Sound. Pretty cold, and I did get my feet soaked when I was trying to get these images of Robohontas in the water; but, it was worth it! Also, I’m going to have to spend more time there seeing as how it is so close to home.

Next week I’ll be heading down to California mid-week for the opening of a group show which I’m looking forward to. I’ve also started a new website at (because I didn’t have enough going on?) as the seed for a new project. But more on that later, I’m already behind schedule for the day…


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