I’m frantically trying to get everything ready tonight so I can get up early, get downtown, pick up my rental car, go to work, and then make a quick pit stop at home to grab my things and hit the road after work tomorrow. Since I can’t handle an all-night drive to California any longer, I found an inexpensive room in Eugene where I can crash for the night and then make the final trek down to Arcata on Thursday. There’s been a lot going on with work, life, art, and design commitments lately. Don’t get me wrong, these are good things! But I can tell it is starting to take a toll. Once I get through tomorrow though, I’ll have four days off from work and hopefully the trip will be fun and mildly restful. Planning on getting home Saturday night and then Bryn leaves on business for a week the next day.

But in the midst of my frantic preparations, I found the above image which is providing a moment of calm. A good friend had taken myself and another good friend up to a rooftop garden in downtown Seattle for lunch a couple of weeks ago and this was the view. Well, this was part of the view… It was much more panoramic with the city on both sides and a giant building right behind. This image looks west at Elliot Bay and the rooftop garden of a penthouse condo at our local Four Seasons Hotel. I took Bryn here just this past Friday when it was sunny and the view was magnificent! Instead of the fog, you could see the Olympic mountains. Then, to the south you could see Mount Rainier.

I’m looking forward to the drive and seeing the redwood forests and some new mountains I don’t usually see. Now to finish laundry, packing, and tracking down all the accessories I need to bring along with me!


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