The Sky is Bright with Many Colors



This has been a really good week. And not because of any particular event, but because I have really still been feeling like my true self still, which is something wonderful that I hope I can continue to hold onto. As painful as it was to tear myself away from California, I’m managing to ease back into Seattle life. It was good to have a couple of days to get stuff done before having to go back to work, and then work wasn’t as crazy as I was expecting either. Best of all, I’ve really been working harder at taking better care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I did love this sunset I caught the other night. That large cloud in the middle of the picture just has so many colors on it. Amazing. The weather has been really nice for this time of year too. This week there was minimal rain and the sun has been shining almost constantly, with temperatures potentially hitting 70 this weekend. Shocking for March/April in Seattle! I work tomorrow, and Saturdays are always our busiest day, but do have Sunday off for Easter and then the following three days after that as well. There is lots to do between catching up on things around the house and in life, along with my decision this week to apply to a MFA program in Creative Writing. The challenge is two-fold in that I haven’t been devoting myself to writing regularly in many years and that the application is due by April 15th. Whether I’m accepted or not, I think this will be a good exercise for me though. I used to really want to be a writer back in high school and never considered it to be a career I could actually have. But why not? (The obstacle is the path!)

There is a little art-related news in that I will have a couple of pieces in our local Art Lending Library. Dropping them off on Sunday and then the event is on Tuesday. Will post more on that later, but I think it is a fun way to expose more people to art and get them involved actively with seeking out artwork that they want to have in their homes, even if they are just borrowing.

What I love, is how happy–not just content–I feel right now. Very at peace and very centered. I got up and ran an errand before work today to pick up a birthday gift for Bryn (coming up in three weeks). Then work all day was fun and productive, came home to spend time with Bryn and watch Disney movies. But wait, there’s more! Went to PCC and ran into artist friends who also live nearby and picked up avocados, peppers, garlic, and lime. Came home and made the same guacamole recipe that we had last Sunday in Santa Cruz which I will take to work tomorrow for our potluck. None of these things are very significant or overly important. But they have all been so enjoyable. Maybe I’m just being more attentive to being in the moment, or maybe I got a lot of Vitamin D when I was in California that has yet to wear off. Whatever the case, I’m going to run with it.


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