Climbing Up and Out

Failed to Honor the People It Displaced


I’ve been going all year so far thinking that I haven’t made any new art except for the four works I drew for the show down in California. Then, all of a sudden, I realized that I have still been intermittently working with Robohontas. So I’ve actually made a lot more art this year than I thought.

The year has been strange. It started out with such momentum and then for some reason my mental/emotional state took a turn for the worse. Nothing drastically wrong, not in a horrible state, but also constantly drained and unable to find the energy to do much beyond the regular routine of going to work. Low-grade depression? Physical health issues? Existential crisis?

Luckily, the last month or so has been getting better with a strong past couple of weeks. Paying more attention to taking care of myself physically and otherwise. Still keeping my appointment with my endocrinologist on Monday to see how my testosterone levels are doing, since that could also be a culprit. I can tell I’m in a better space too, because I have been really actively posting on my Robohontas blog and Facebook page.

One thing a couple of weeks ago was that I had a really interesting phone appointment with a psychic/medium where I may have conversed with my dead parents. Or maybe not? I’m always a little bit skeptical, but in the end, what she told me really brought me a lot of peace and into a much better emotional state. I was able to get a new perspective on things from the past that have bothered me and to take a lot of that associated hurt and anger and just let it go. I’m fine with taking the experience as something I can’t explain and going with the fact that whatever the source was (cold-reading, psychological, or spiritual), it really gave me the emotional comfort I needed to deal with some difficult issues.

Art-wise, I do have some prints down at the Washington History Museum in Tacoma as part of their annual “In the Spirit” Native art exhibition. I should really get down there to see them hanging in-person. And I was also super excited to purchase some artwork from one of my favorite artists who had a fundraising campaign on indiegogo. Not only did I get a couple of things from her current/new project, but I was especially happy to get some polaroid proofs from one of my favorite projects she has done! They should arrive via mail later this month and I can’t wait for them to show up. I’m not telling who or what it is right now, but I’ll post about it when I have them!


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