Spring Cleaning via Etsy!

American Clouds II-detail1


In an attempt to: A) clean up my studio space; B) get my artwork out of storage and into good homes; C) make new art; and D) earn some extra money; I spent much of today listing artwork on my Etsy site. I’ve sold some work on Etsy in the past, but nothing beyond small drawings. Who knows if my larger work will find the right audience there, but I’m hopeful that I can sell enough to at least cover tuition for the PNCA Crow’s Shadow Printmaking Retreat coming up in April (about $500 plus travel expenses). I haven’t attended the last two years and I’m craving a printmaking fix! Especially at my favorite locale for making prints…

I listed a collection of items at 40-60% off my usual retail prices and will keep this up through May 12th. After that, prices will go back up and I will start looking more actively for a venue other than Etsy to retail them at my regular rates, although I’ll probably keep the Etsy site going too. (I’ve got a decent number of prints stockpiled from 2010 and 2011.) I don’t want to pursue anything more serious while I’m currently selling off older work at a discount, but I’ve thought about reaching out to a couple of Seattle galleries that specialize in Native art for the past few years and never done anything about it. Why? Too timid, too nervous, too many assumptions that they would say, “no.”

Well no longer. Now. Is. The. Time. And if they say, “no,” I will just keep looking for the right place, the right partnership. What good is it to keep making my artwork if I only sell it here and there, just half-heartedly making efforts without really pushing myself? I know what it is worth, I’ve had people pay what it is worth, so it isn’t like I need more validation. I just need to put myself and my work out there! So Phase One of My Plan To Sell More Art is now in progress. Here’s hoping it goes well and I can soon move to Phase Two.


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