“May Your Journey Be Beautiful”



It was such a beautiful clear, sunny day today! Drove down to Portland this afternoon and it was fun to see the temperature creep from a lovely 55 degrees in Seattle to about 65 degrees down here. Checked into the hotel, took a shower, and walked to the PNCA campus to hear Joy Harjo speak. I haven’t heard her talk before, and have only read some of her poetry. She was great. She talked about her journey as an artist, her worldview, advice for artists (and humans in general), played her flute, read poems, etc. Afterwards she was signing autographs and selling books. The line was huge and the books went fast, but I was able to get a couple of CDs (which will be perfect for the drive home tomorrow) and had her sign the cover of one of them. I loved what she wrote: “May your journey be beautiful.” I’m definitely going to pick up a copy of her memoir that was recently published.

Additionally, I chatted with a lovely lady behind me in the book-signing line who actually had heard of my tribe before. Initially, she had asked if I was Spokane. Also, I was able to meet the artist/curator of the recent group exhibit at PNCA (Bury My Art at Wounded Knee) which I had a few pieces in. Also, I was able to pick up my pieces. I hadn’t realized how much I missed my Ipshaamkírapuh Iktíinach (Orphan Dance-Stick) and how good it is to have it back in my possession. I was somewhat aware of it at the time I assembled it a couple of years ago, but even more-so now, that it carries medicine. I didn’t send it down to Portland lightly, but I also knew that it wanted to be seen.

The walk back to the hotel was also lovely with the clear sky and moonlight over the city. Ordered some room service, doing a few computer things, and then I’m going to crash. Sleep is needed!


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