The Side of Yourself That Wants to Love More


Life has been pretty good lately, if rather busy! There are actually several art opportunities going on for me right now. Tomorrow, April 17th I will be participating in a RAW Seattle event that combines art, fashion, music, and fun. It’ll be at the Showbox at the Market and I’ll be one of about 40 participants. There will be a selection of my monotype prints on display and I’ve got a few friends coming so I think it should be fun!

Next week I will also be going to another monotype workshop at Crow’s Shadow Institute which I haven’t gone to for about two years. Looking forward to that! And then the week after that, on May 1st, I’ll be the featured artist at Chief Seattle Club’s First Thursday Art Walk.

Beyond all of this, I’m exploring a new role at work which will mean that I’m going from working four days a week up to five. I’m excited about the new potential for this role as it will be fun and challenging. A little more money from working that additional day every week and my schedule will become more reliable as well. However, I’ll miss having as much free time as I currently do. It is still a positive change though.

The photo above is of a card from a new tarot deck I found when I was in Portland recently. It really captured my eye and I just finally opened it up today and went through the cards. I love what the artist did in creating this deck and was so excited to find a deck that resonated so deeply. The other deck I have is one I bought back in high school. I love the illustrations and style in that one, but it never really felt like “my” deck. I do find tarot to be an interesting tool to explore personal awareness and ‘The Empress’ was the card I drew when I asked what I needed to focus on today. My personal takeaway from reading the interpretation of this card was to focus on, “…the side of yourself that wants to love more,” and “…it’s time for you to reconnect with nature.” It was good to take a moment and open the window to the grey and rainy day. The trees outside are budding and will have leaves very shortly. Spring abounds!


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