I took this picture this past weekend when I was on a walk with Bryn. It makes me think of so many things. There was an asphalt area next to the sidewalk covered in moss, and a root from a tree (most likely) was breaking through. I took a close up shot, but there was a lot of moss. It was like a miniature landscape with a long fault line running through it. Made me think of the devastation in Japan. And then of the devastation occuring in my personal life. I know what I’m doing is the right thing, but it is hard to basically ruin someone’s life out of nowhere. Doubly hard when you really care for them. Of course, I haven’t had to live through a major earthquake and then tsunami, so things could always be much, much worse.

Started a new painting, hopefully it will help me process things. Should find out about getting my studio space in Fremont this week too. Also, am going today to meet with a former classmate about a potential opportunity. Generally, I’m positive about my life. Just kind of a down patch for the moment. It has been a rough weekend. But things will get better.


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